Below are examples of some of the activities we have experienced as a group over the past few years, activities you can be a part of as an MCHG member.


Museum & Zoo Visits

  • Sylvan Heights Bird Park
  • Museum of the Albemarle Biscuits, Chickens & Tractors Event
  • Queen Anne’s Revenge Exhibit
  • Fort Branch Tour

4-H, Educational, and Cultural

  • Indian Heritage Day and Somerset Plantation Tour
  • Basic Auto Maintenance & Safety Class
  • Show & Tell Day, Science Presentations
  • Newspaper, Factory, Farm, and Business Tours
  • Cooking Class for Cinco de Mayo
  • Social Media Safety Presentation

Community Service

  • Holiday Events with Residents of the Vintage Inn
  • Making Crafts for Residents of the Vintage Inn
  • Park Clean Up Day

Fellowship & Recreational

  • Marbles Children’s Museum
  • Field Days, Park Days
  • Pool Party
  • Mom’s Lunch and Homeschool Book Sale
  • Roller Skating
  • Tabletop Game Day

Team Projects

  • Ford STEAM Boxes: students worked together over several sessions to engineer 1:24 scale race cars
  • Decorating parade float and participating in the Williamston Christmas Parade
  • 1-Day STEAM projects designed for 7 & Under students
  • Solar Power Kit Building Day