Every experience varies, but here are some of the reasons families choose to homeschool.


Time Together

Do you want to spend more time with your children? If you are tired of seeing your child for a few minutes in the morning as they rush to the bus, then maybe a few hours in the evening before it’s time to prep for bed, maybe homeschooling is the right choice for you.


Quality of Education

Since you choose curriculum tailored to your child’s needs, they will undoubtedly learn more than they would in a public school setting. Studies show that homeschoolers academically exceed public school students by more than 30 percentile points in all areas. Additionally, homeschoolers scored high regardless of gender, household income, level of education of their parents, or the amount of money spent on their education annually.



The freedoms don’t stop with homeschooling. You are limited only by your imagination — and pocketbook. Your children are free to explore their own interests and hobbies since they have more time. Your family is free to vacation whenever they want, or just take time off to explore. Remember that your travels can include “carschooling” and every trip or experience can be educational.